Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fun Facts! - México

Photograph by: Joel Sartone, National Geographic photographer.
Did you know that each year between the months of October and March millions of monarch butterflies make the long journey between Canada and the U.S. to Mexico?  

Millions of monarch butterflies, mariposas monarcas, make the journey south to Mexico for the winter. There they reproduce in areas that have been designated butterfly sanctuaries. The monarch butterflies travel about 120 kilometers a day for 33 days to reach these sanctuaries in the Mexican state of Michoacan.

 Answer the following questions in Spanish: 
1) Has visto a las mariposas monarcas?   2) Por qué crees que vuelan a México para el invierno?

Click on the image above and print out your own mariposa monarca!


Setty said...

1 Si, las he visto.
2 porque en mexico es calor y en canada y us esta muy frio en invierno.

madison y david

mamasaurus said...

Great job Madison and David! Here is the correct answer.

2.- Por que en Mexico hace calor y en Canada y los Estados Unidos hace mucho frio en invierno.

Setty said...

Mariposa y Vanessa
Si las he visto.
Porque hace calor en Mexico